Pyrenean Shepherds
Berger des Pyrenees
Pyrenean Shepherds are a small herding breed that originated in France. 
They come in two varieties--the smooth-face and the rough-face.  Our Pyr Sheps are the rough variety.
Pyr Sheps are not a dog for everyone as they are a herding breed and they do like to stay busy.  They need to be well-socialized or they could be overly fearful of strangers and other dogs.
The Pyr Sheps do make an exceptional obedience, rally and agility dog.  They do like to please.
If you are interested in Pyr Sheps, please be familiar with the breed standard.  Also, please visit breeder sites for information on temperament and living with a Pyr Shep.  All our Pyr Sheps came from Patricia Princehouse in Chardon, OH. 
Puppies . . .
We have 1 special needs Pyr Shep puppy available.  If you are interested in a Pyr Shep puppy, you can contact Patricia Princehouse at
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Our Pyr Shep Friends
Rare Mettle . . .